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Integrated Business Communication Solution today has become so important that even at our homes, Offices , Factories, Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels & Corporates, it means a lot. The use of CLI telephony has become a necessary factor for conveniences in communication, anywhere.

Mascot presents a complete range of CLI Epabxs based on the latest technology that is compact, effective affordable and gives you the right convenience and comfort that was longed for.
Available Models.
206, 308, 412, 616, 824
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Common System Features for all models.

  • Automatic Call Distribution.
  • Dynamic Lock Facility.
  • External Call Forwarding.
  • Abbreviated Dialing.
  • Automatic Call Back.
  • Barge In.
  • Call Camp On.
  • Call Parking.
  • Call Pick-Up.
  • Call Restriction.
  • Call Transfer.
  • Party Conference.
  • Do Not Disturb.
  • Day Mode/ Night Mode with Serial/Partner Ringing
  • Simultaneous Ringing.
  • Tone/Pulse Dialing.
  • Caller ID On All Extension.
  • Caller ID On Transferred Extension.
  • Caller ID On Printer (Buffer).
  • Internal Caller ID.
  • Out Going Number On Transferred Extension.
  • Voice Guided DID
  • Computer Connectivity.


No Stranger may ever knock on your door. But when that happens, do we all have the presence of mind to tackle the unexpected?

In today’s ruthless world of crime, how many people can you trust? The common security soon becoming ineffective and undependable why take chances?

Install Mascot Intercom Security System for extra safety and reliability. Every housing society and office building needs one. If not for you, think of your loved ones. More Info + Less Info -


Mascot intercom security system not only provides complete security, but they also offer a host of features that make life convenient for you.

Specialized features :

  • Inter flat communication with "CLI" (caller line identification) on CLI Telephone tells you who is calling, even before lifting the handset.
  • Advanced Hotline : Enable's you to get connected to any programmable extension. Just lift the handset and wait to get connected to say "SECURITY" without having to dial.
  • Auto Call Back : If the extension you are trying is busy, you do not have to keep trying it again and again. The busy extension will ring back as soon as it becomes free.
  • Call Forwarding : If you are visiting some other flat, all your calls can be diverted to the visiting extension thereby ensuring that you do not miss out on important calls.
  • Super Conferencing : Involving unlimited number of extension, facilities teleconferencing of committee members etc.
  • Call Pick Up : An unattended ringing extension can be answered form your non-ringing phone.
  • Flexible Numbering : Extension numbers can be given as flat numbers etc. No need to memorize the extension numbers.
  • Programmable Feature : Features can be selectively allowed or disallowed to any extension.|
  • P & T Line Connectivity : For routing of incoming calls.