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Evacuated Tube

  • Evacuated tube collector based systems:
    • Capture sunlight better as they have a greater surface area exposed to the sun at any time
    • Are more efficient in transferring heat – up to 163% demonstrated in Indian conditions!
    • Can be used in subzero temperatures
    • Are durable and if a tube should be broken, it can be easily and cheaply replaced.
    • Provide excellent performance in overcast conditions
    • Require a smaller roof area than comparable flat plate collectors
    • Do not have the same level of corrosion problems as flat plate collectors

Capicity And Specifications


  • Inner Tank: SS 304 / 316 (Food Grade) Stainless steel
  • Outer Tank: Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel
  • Insulation Layer: Polyurethane Foaming
  • Heat Preservation: 72h


  • Material: Extremely strong borosilicate glass, Al-N/AI coating
  • Diameter: Ø58mm
  • Length: 1800mm


  • Material: Galvanized Steel